Clarksville Bail Bond Process

Clarksville Bail Bonds

All Knight Bonding proudly provides bail bonds to clients in Clarksville, Tennessee. We have been in the business since 1997, so we have intimate knowledge of the bail bonding process in Clarksville and other areas of Middle Tennessee. We are here to help keep you from spending excessive time in jail. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Clarksville, call us anytime day or night at (615) 242-2663 to get the ball rolling to get you out of jail.

The Montgomery County Jail is located in Clarksville, at 116 Commerce St, and is run by the Sheriff’s Office. To get to the Montgomery County Jail from I-24 West, take the US-79 Exit 4 toward Clarksville/Ft. Campbell, and turn left onto US-79 S/Wilma Rudolph Blvd/TN-13S. Follow US-79 S/TN-13 S until it becomes College St/TN-48. Turn left onto University Ave/US-41A/TN-112/N 6th Street, and you will arrive at 116 Commerce Street.

The Bail Bond Process in Clarksville

If you are arrested in Clarksville, you will most likely be booked in the Montgomery County Jail. During booking, the jail will take down your information such as your name and address, fingerprints, and photograph, and it will also search to see whether there are any outstanding warrants for your arrest. This process can take up to several hours.

Once you have been booked and your information is on file with the jail, you will meet with a judge to set your court date and bail. In some instances, a person might be released at this stage if certain requirements are met. However, most defendants will remain in jail until bail is posted. At this point, the jail will take and store your personal items, which you can get back only when you are released. You are usually allowed to make a phone call at this time, so it is a good idea to call a close friend or family member, who can then contact a defense attorney and/or a Clarksville bail bonding agent.

In Clarksville, as elsewhere in Tennessee, bail may be posted in one of several ways, the most common of which is the bail bond. The process usually goes as follows:

  1. After your arrest, you or your friend or family member contacts All Knight Bonding, a certified Clarksville bail bonding company.

  2. You and your co-signer(s) enter into a contract with the bonding company. The contract stands for a promise that you will appear in court as required by the judge, and in exchange, we will post a bail bond on your behalf to secure your release from jail.

  3. Once we have the signed contract, we post bail and you are released.

  4. When the criminal process is over and you have made all required appearances, the bail bond is discharged, and you pay the premium to us, less any additional fees.

Your Reliable Clarksville Bail Bonding Company

At All Knight Bonding, we pride ourselves providing confidential and efficient bail bonding services to people in custody in Clarksville, Tennessee. Whether it is your first arrest or not, if you need help posting bail, we are here to help secure your release from jail. We are known throughout Middle Tennessee as being fair, reliable, and discreet. Our bonding agents make themselves available to you 24/7, so call us at (615) 242-2663, or fill out our online contact form.