Nashville Bail Bond FAQs

Whether this is the first time you’ve needed assistance posting bail, or if you have done it before, you may have questions about the process. We provide clear, concise answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bail bonding so that you understand how the bail bonding process works. Whether you need bail bonds in Nashville, Clarksville, Springfield, or elsewhere in Tennessee, these answers should help you understand how the process works. If you have further questions or need our bail bonding services, call us at (615) 242-2663, or use our online form.

What happens when a person is arrested?

When a person is arrested, the arresting officer takes him to the jail for booking. During the booking process, the person’s photograph and fingerprints are taken and placed in the jail’s records. Once this is done, the person is allowed to place his first phone call.

What happens during the booking process?

During the booking process, the jail is checking to see whether there are any outstanding warrants for the arrestee in other cities or states. Additionally, the jail verifies the arrestee’s fingerprints and other identifying information, takes photographs of the arrestee, assigns booking numbers, sets court and appearance dates, and sets the bail.

What happens after booking?

After the booking process, one of the following usually happens next:

  • The defendant might be released with no charges filed against him.
  • The defendant might be released on his own recognizance, although he still must make all required court appearances.
  • The defendant is released on bail bond.
  • Bail is denied, and the defendant must stay in jail until his court date.
What does a bail agent do?

A bail agent is certified by the state as someone who is permitted to post bail on your behalf in order to secure your release from jail. You cannot be released from jail until after the bail amount is defined, the court date is set, and the jail confirms that there are no outstanding warrants.

Once the defendant's bond has been posted, how long before he is released?

There is no set amount of time between when bond is posted and when a defendant may be released.

Can I speak to a defendant who is in jail waiting to be booked?

You may only speak to a defendant who is in jail if he has called you.

What is a bail bond, and where does the bail company come in?

In Tennessee, a person may be released from jail on personal recognizance, posting of a cash bond, posting of a surety bond (which involves a bail bonding company), or posting of a property bond. Learn more about the different types of Tennessee bail bonds.

A bail bond or surety bond is essentially a promise by the bail bonding company to pay the court if the defendant fails to make all required court appearances. Because most defendants are unable to put up the full amount of bail in cash (and have that cash be tied up for weeks until the process is over), a bail bonding can secure the defendant’s release for a fee. At All Knight Bonding, we charge a 10% fee.

Does a person in jail get only one phone call, or can he make several?

While this varies depending on the county, most defendants are permitted to make multiple free phone calls.