Springfield Bail Bond Process

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At All Knight Bonding, we provide bail bonds to clients in jail in Springfield, Tennessee. Our certified bond agents are familiar with the ins and outs of the bonding process in Springfield, and we routinely visit the Robertson County jail to help our clients. We have a thorough knowledge not only of how the bail bond process works generally, but also our experience working with the jail in Springfield gives us insight into how that particular jail works. We are committed to helping you post bail and get out of jail as quickly as possible and without hassles. Call us 24/7 at (615) 242-2663, or use our online form.

The Robertson County jail is operated by the Sheriff’s Office and is located at 507 S Brown St., just off TN-49 E, in Springfield.

The Springfield Bail Bond Process

If you are arrested in Springfield or elsewhere in Robertson County, you will most likely be taken to the Robertson County jail. When you arrive at the jail, you will go through what is known as booking. During the booking process, the jail staff will record certain personal information about you, such as your name and address, they will take your fingerprints and your mug shot, and they will perform a multi-county search to see whether there are any warrants for your arrest.

Once you have been booked, you will see a judge, who will set your court date and bail amount. At some point during this process, you will be permitted to make a phone call, which you will most likely want to use to call a close friend or family member. Give that person all the relevant information about your arrest so that they can help make decisions on your behalf. Often, that person will be responsible for contacting a defense attorney, if you need one, and/or a Springfield bonding company.

In Springfield, there are several ways a criminal defendant may post bail, but the most frequent way is through a surety bond, more commonly known as a bail bond. This is how a bail bond works:

  1. When you are in police custody and a judge has set bail, contact a reputable Springfield bail bonding company, such as All Knight Bonding.

  2. One of our certified bonding agents will meet with you to go over our contract. We will also need to meet with another person who will co-sign with you. The contract with All Knight Bonding represents the promise by both you and your co-signer(s) that you will appear in court every time the judge requires you to do so, and in exchange, we will post a bail bond on your behalf.

  3. Once we have the signed contract, we will post your bail bond and secure your release from jail.

  4. You must appear in court every time the judge instructs you to do so.

  5. After the criminal process is over, regardless of whether you are acquitted or convicted, the bail bond is discharged, and you owe only the premium to us, minus any additional fees. Our premium is 10% of the bond amount.

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At All Knight Bonding, we are committed to providing excellent bail bonding service to our clients in Springfield and throughout Middle Tennessee. Our certified bail agents are reliable and discreet and have extensive experience handling bail bonds for defendants being held in Robertson County jail. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Springfield or are being held in jail there, we can help you post bail and get on with your life. We are here to help you 24/7, so call us at (615) 242-2663, or fill out our online contact form.